Welcome to THE GARDEN! It’s a magical world where ANYTHING can grow!

Not just beautiful, plants, incredible trees and amazing flowers, but literally ANYTHING. If you plant a trumpet, you get a TRUMPET TREE! If you plant ICE CREAM your get a field of ICE CREAM CONES! Anything can grow from a kid’s imagination and there’s no better place to explore than ‘The Garden’!


It’s a wondrous place but, like any garden, it needs care! And who are the caretakers of The Garden? None other than LENNY LION & LUCY LAMB. A pair of fun-loving, super-happy kids who make sure the Garden is always as healthy as it can be. 

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This is The Garden

Who takes care of

The Garden?

Lenny is a fun-loving dude who’s daily mission in life is to have a great time. Lucy, on the other hand, is the more practical one who always makes sure that they get the job done!


They work for THE BOSS who not only gives them their daily assignments but plenty of Biblical advice to go along with it. We never see the Boss but Lenny & Lucy listen to his kind words and advice every day! 


Every episode of ‘The Garden’ is meant to teach kids friendship, trust, loyalty and working together. And, best of all, it’s all wrapped in Biblical teaching that kids can not only understand  but can apply to their daily lives!


Join Lenny & Lucy as they encounter new friends like the Thinking Fountain and the Grumpy Gorilla. And watch as they learn patience by babysitting some Toucan eggs! There are 7 super fun adventures to choose from and kids are sure to find out just how awesome it is to play in The Garden!

Want to visit The Garden?

The Garden is a special place but it’s even more special when YOU’RE there!


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